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The Mountains are my happy place

My Story

I was born in upstate NY and came to the Green Mountain State in 1993 to pursue my degree at St. Michael’s College.  Since then, I’ve called VT home and have enjoyed all it has to offer.

​Like everyone else, I’ve had my own life traumas to work through.  Failed relationships, friendships, your favorite jeans not fitting…you name it but losing my mom at a young age to cancer has been the hardest thing to process.  No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t seem to get to the other side of the grief.  It didn’t matter how many years had passed, I was still struggling as if it happened yesterday. I tried everything but the questions still continued to haunt me:  Why am I still struggling? What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I just get over it?​


It wasn’t until I found Reiki, over 4 years ago, that my life changed for the better.  In complete transparency, I was  apprehensive at first.  How could this “magic” have such a healing effect on someone? Is it real or just a bunch of hocus pocus (clearly, I'm a Disney fan)? Will I feel different? Is the Reiki person an average person?  There were so many questions I had and so many perceptions yet none of it mattered.  I made an appointment and was willing to take a chance.  I remember the reiki practitioner saying: "as long as you’re open to receiving the healing energy, your body will know what to do with rest and send the energy where it’s needed the most."  After my session, I wasn’t sure what had just happened. I felt strange…but in a good way.  Could it be that it worked? No way…but how? One session led to more sessions until I finally felt I made the turn within myself.  I felt lighter, open, more grounded and was more accepting of my mom’s passing.  I will always miss her but I know she’s in my heart and guiding me from heaven every day.   I feel pretty special knowing I have one of the “top dogs” in my corner up there.​


Then COVID hit and well, need I say more?   Life changes were happening all over the place and I started to question a lot more things but mostly my true purpose.  Why  am I here?   Am I where I want to be? Is my soul full? How can I help others in a meaningful way? WHAT will make my own life more meaningful and fulfilling? That’s where it all began...  Reiki became more and more interesting to me.  I found myself reading more about the practice and becoming more excited about the potential to follow this path.​


On September 27, 2022, while watching the evening news, I decided I wanted to pursue Reiki further.  That’s when I found my Reiki Master, Anne Cameron of Lotus Heart Vibrational Healing, on a random search. After a few email exchanges, I was scheduled for both Reiki I & II.


​I’m officially a Reiki II practitioner and could not be more blessed and grateful to share this amazing gift with others. I’m constantly amazed at clients feedback, no matter what it may be.  To witness the progress shown by each of them, from beginning to even beyond the end of our sessions, has filled my heart with so much warmth, love and light.  Knowing that I’m personally supporting others in their healing journey brings so much happiness to my everyday life and to my soul.​


Thank you so much for the opportunity to share this amazing gift with you and for allowing me to be a part of your healing journey!  

Much love & light always,


Finding my zen in my happy place
My sacred space to share with all

My sacred space 

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