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The Black Dog Logo

Black Dog Reiki isn't just a name....there is so much passion, love and meaning within the actual logo itself. 

The Black Dog 

Jaxson was my 9 y/o black lab who unfortunately just went to the rainbow bridge, July 25, 2023,  due to an aggressive lymphoma.  Jax was and will always be the center of my world.  He was nothing but love and showed only love to everyone he met.  He was truly an angel sent from heaven that has healed me in so many ways and made me a better person.  He was always ready for an adventure and never short on snuggles.  Although he may be gone, his loving spirit will always be at the heart of the healing love my Reiki practice has to offer. 


The Mountains

I’m a mountain girl through and through.  It didn’t matter what time of year it was,  Jax & I were on the trails enjoying everything nature has to offer. 


The mountains have always provide me with so much peace, solace, tranquility, hope and promise.  There was just something about being on the mountain with my best friend that always brought a smile to my face, heart and soul.  

Within the logo, there are 3 mountains….one for myself, one for Jaxson and one for my supportive partner (David) who has been my biggest cheerleader since day 1.​


The Sun & birds

The opportunities we're given to become better versions of ourselves everyday have no limits. 


When I look at my logo, I don’t just see pictures. I see a story that promises a better tomorrow with endless possibilities. 

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